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Eric and Anna Redeker founded the Vertically Challenged Cattle Company (V3C for short) back in 2009 near the town of Ben Bolt, in deep South Texas.  They started with a very small herd of "miniature Texas Longhorns," which were the "best available" at the time.  What was not known, at the time, is that most of their original cattle were Chondrodysplasia dwarfism carriers.  Once it was determined that this genetic abnormality could be identified through genetic testing, they decided to reinvent their breeding program to produce extremely high quality dwarfism-free Miniature Texas Longhorns.  They achieved this by researching all Seven Families of Texas Longhorns.  It didn't take them long to select the Butler Bloodline and start rebuilding their herd.  They purchased cattle from many sales around the Country, as well as from private breeders.  They purchased the  smallest and most desirable cattle they could find.  Over time, they studied the pedigrees of their very best cattle and started noticing distinct patterns (seeing the same bulls and cows in the pedigrees of multiple desirable animals).  These patterns have driven their breeding program and have enabled them to develop some of the finest examples of true Miniature Texas Longhorns in the industry. 

At the Vertically Challenged Cattle Company, we see our cattle as part of our family.  Once an animal has been designated a "foundation animal," it lives out it's days on the ranch in comfort.  As a result, we only sell calves and young adults that have been produced on our ranch.  This enables our customers to see both the sire and dam of each animal and in many instances multiple full siblings.  We refuse to buy and resell cattle for a profit, like many other "Miniature Texas Longhorn breeders."

With that being said, we do have a few standard-sized Longhorns that have captured our hearts and have joined the "Foundation Club."  They give our customers the ability to compare miniatures to standards.  They also enable us to offer our cattle to all markets.

In 2014, Eric and Anna relocated the ranch to North-Central Texas, near the town of Whitney.  They currently have one of the World's largest herds of Miniature Texas Longhorns.

Proudly producing the only variety of Texas Longhorn Cattle that are guaranteed to make your ranch look Bigger!

Eric & Anna Redeker

452 HCR 1217, Blum TX 76627

(361) 675-04697